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Yes, this class met my expectations.

Simeon Heinze Student

This was an excellent tutorial for a complete novice like myself. He goes quickly and gets you right into the thick of it, including writing programming. I advise you to watch the screen carefully and observe his mouse clicks closely. He demonstrates a lot of things without explaining them. For example: he clicks to zoom to give you a better view of what he is doing without stopping to lengthily explain how to locate the zoom feature. I wanted to zoom my own project so I rewound and watched how he did it and then did the same. For me, this is a plus. Others may prefer a more thorough explanation process but learning by doing works best for me. Occasionally the video goes out of focus but not long enough to hinder following along.

ZapWhamPow Student

Very helpful lessons, would recommend it for people who is looking to learn. Learnt a few little new things, but even so it was a great refresher course. I love Daniel's style of teaching by way of his pace and explanation of every detail. Would definitely love to see more lessons.

Michelle Henry Student
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